Irene was born in Estonia, and has spent more than a decade in Italy, where she mastered the craft of becoming a passionate entertainer, magician, psychological illusionist, mentalist and actress. 

 She has been featured in numerous TV shows in Italy and Estonia. At the beginning of 2022 she brought to the public her own solo show “I am a woman. Especially mental magic! ”.

 Irene has a unique style and humour and entertains clients at corporate events, weddings and private parties.

 Depending on the venue, an event's style and the client's needs, she makes every show unique and a perfect fit for the audience. It doesn’t matter if there are 30 or 3000 people, a big show on stage or close up magic, Irene takes care of every detail and knows how to give an unforgettable experience.

 It is extremely important to her to connect with her audience, and exchange their energies. This is the reason why her shows are all interactive and she tries to involve her audience as much as possible in every magical act.

 During the experiments carried out on stage, it is possible to witness lots of impossible phenomena, mind reading, choice influencing, predictions, clairvoyance, navigation of the subconscious mind, general fooling of the human senses and exploring the infinite possibilities of our brain. All of it is done with elegance, fun and ease by telling stories.

 In addition to performing in Europe, Irene’s magic has taken her to performances in Australia, Africa and Indonesia.

 Today she is back in Estonia but continues to perform all over Europe.

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